Children’s Program

Childrens Program - The EDGE Taekwon-Do Academy

Our program for children ages 7-12 years old is focused on two key pillars: goal setting and achieving results in all areas of the student’s life. We don’t just talk about these principles. We strive to implement them in our teaching and encourage students to apply them both inside and outside of class. Students are required to demonstrate good behaviours and results, in the class, at home and at school as part of their requirements for promotion to the next belt level. Missing a positive report in one of these areas? No promotion. It is as simple as that.

Through dynamic individual and group exercises, children learn progressively more challenging techniques, helping them build both mental and physical fitness, self-esteem and a sense of community. In every class, your child will Sweat. Smile. Succeed.! Guaranteed.

Damien is extremely driven to continue and to eventually receive his yellow belt.

Thank you for all your help and your staff as well with his success.



Colour Belt