How to Begin a Class

  1. Students line up by belt level with the most senior student in the front right corner.
  2. If two students have the same belt level, whoever received their belt first is senior.
  3. The senior student calls the class to attention by announcing “Chariot” in a loud, firm voice for all to hear.
  4. Upon arrival of the instructor, the senior student instructs the class to bow to the Founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi by announcing,
      “Cha Si Ja Nim Gae” (To the founder), Kyong Ye.” (Bow)
  5. The senior student has the class bow to the instructor.
      “Sabum Nim Gae (To the instructor), “Kyong Ye” (Bow) (for 4th – 5th degree black belts)
      “Boo Sabum Nim Gae (To the assistant instructor), Kyong Ye” (Bow) (for 1st – 3rd degree black belts)
  6. The senior student leads the class through the Student Oath.
  7. After the Student Oath, the second most senior student has the class turn to the senior student and bow by saying,
      “Wooro Dora” (Turn to your right) “Kyong Ye” (Bow).
  8. At the end of a class, the above process takes place again with one addition.

    The senior student then announces, “Haesan” (Dismissed)