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Thursday, November 15, 2018


  • 5:30 pm Little Dragons (4-6 yrs ) Stream 2

  • 6:15 pm Children's (7-12 yrs old) & Family Class White Belt to Green Stripe

  • 6:30 pm Kickboxing Class

  • 7:00 pm Children (7-12 yrs) & Family Green Belt and Up

  • 7:30 pm Kickboxing Class

  • 7:45 pm Black Belt Club

  • 8:15 pm Youth and Adults (All Belts)


  • 6:00 pm Classes Cancelled

Upcoming Event Registrations


  • November 24, 2018: 5:30 pm7:00 pm

    *** Parade of Lights ***

    Join us at the dojang for the Orleans Parade of Lights. You can watch the parade from the warmth of the dojang and still go down to the street when Santa rolls by.
    Bring your cozy winter clothes if you'd like to watch from the street and you can warm-up inside anytime.
    This is a family friendly event and parents are reminded that there is no official programming during this time. *** Parents are responsible for supervising their children. ***

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