East – 2288 St. Joseph Blvd., Orléans, ON K1C 1E8 | 613.837.7656 | edge@edgetaekwondo.com

West – 106 Elgin St., Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 | 613.878.4978 | almonte@edgetaekwondo.com

About Edge Taekwon-Do

Sweat. Smile. Succeed. | These three words are the foundation of everything at our school.



Dynamic classes led by world-class instructors dedicated to the highest quality programming.


Train hard, play hard. A dedicated focus on families, energetic instructor team and frequent family events, has made The Edge Taekwon-Do Academy the school of choice for hundreds of families in the Orleans community.


We have an unparalleled commitment to student/parent engagement to ensure we meet each student’s individual needs. Whether it is improved confidence or increased fitness we tailor your training to meet your specific physical and personal development goals. This is not just another extracurricular activity!

Rooted in the strong tradition of original Taekwon-Do, and introduced to Orléans more than 30 years ago by Senior Grand Master Lu, the school was passed down Mr. Joël Denis in January of 2013 and officially rebranded as The Edge Taekwon-Do Academy in January 2014. Mr. Denis holds a 6th degree black belt and has been training for over 28 years. An accomplished athlete (3 time world championship medalist including a world champion title in Russia 1997) and instructor who has trained dozens of provincial, national and world champions he was awarded the Outstanding Instructor Award in 1997 by the Founder of Taekwon-Do himself. Mr. Denis now leads a team of dedicated instructors and assistant instructors who are eager to share their passion with others to help them achieve their personal best so they can help others achieve theirs.

Joël Denis

Jennifer Barker

Franco Veraldi

Kelly Barker

Keith Patrick

Mickey Veraldi

Nick Denis


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